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Believes the Internet should serve two important primary functions:
 - An Open forum for intellectual, artistic, and social information interchange
 - A Tool for responsible commerce (NOT Corporate Greed, fraud, or crackers*)

Everyone: private individuals, businesses, and organizations must all abide by
  and be held to high standards of honesty and fairness for the internet to
  continue to be viable and life enriching for all.
A lot of what is offered/expressed on the internet should be open and free.
  CWCA as and many others offer lots of useful items and info free of charge.
  Also, individuals and companies have every right to be fairly compensated
  for long hours spent professionally in honest business endeavors;
  creating, writing, designing, producing music and art and practical products
  and providing useful services.
CWCA offers a lot without imposing any fee, and we also have products and
  services we sell so  we can make a living.
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*please note the difference: 'crackers' are malicious, destructive computer programmers, as opposed to 'hackers' who are cutting edge and creative, but not malicious

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