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  • A Night Piece by William Wordsworth - a poem written in 1798  <file size 2 kB> <file size 4 kB>
  • Autobiography by Thomas Jefferson - 1743 -- 1790 <file size 234 kB> <file size 316 kB>
  • Beauty and the Beast by the Brothers Grimm - a Fairy Tale from Centuries past <file size 8 kB> <file size 17 kB>
  • Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln - written 1862 <file size 4 kB> <file size 8 kB>
  • Hippocratic Oath by Hippocrates - circa 400 B.C. <file size 7 kB> <file size 7 kB>
  • The Magna Carta by King John - written in 1215 A.D. <file size 28 kB> <file size 49 kB>
  • The Time Machine by H. G. Wells <file size 183 kB> <file size 276 kB>
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