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»Everyone who expects to be employed should create a resumé or curriculum vitae. We believe everyone should grow, progress and achieve in life. It's our goal, and we have the SKILL and EXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU do so, too!
»It must be easy to keep up-to-date. An out of date resumé is an embarrassment.
»A great resumé may even help you get a loan, as well as a job.

»OUR RESUMÉ WILL HELP YOU WIN THE JOB, it's impressive in so many ways.
»A RESUMÉ YOU WON'T LOSE in a pile of papers or desk drawer. Children can't turn it into crayon art work!
you can E-MAIL a link or the entire resumé w/cover letter INSTANTLY
»EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, we have many years of professional Technical Writing and winning resumé design experience.
»VERY INEXPENSIVE usually $35-$70 for so much, including A FULL YEAR OF AVAILABILITY on our server.
»VERY QUICK, EASY, and INEXPENSIVE to keep UP-TO-DATE. Typical update fee is $9.00 and covers changes to many items.
»meeting w/prospective employer? point his browser to your resumé on-line NOW or hand him your DISK.
»PRINT A CRISP COPY ANYTIME. We include a special clean printer version at NO EXTRA COST.
»INSTANTLY HAND/FAX/MAIL/PRINT. So many options built-in.
»Your can have vital computer readable KEYWORDS that shout "I'M THE ONE FOR THE JOB!"
»+2 formats - Private: (you control access) Public: (posted and publicized here)
+multiple versions customized for different types of jobs can be created and kept available on our site     (you choose which one they see w/our private form)
LIABILITIES OF MONSTROUS JOB SITES: >There are many large resume posting sites on the internet. They get lots of 'hits', but, not everything they offer is beneficial to you.
>All your personal information is often 'flashing on a public billboard'. You probably only want people you invite to see your resumé. (That is why few resmés are seen on our site. Dozens are there, but they are private.)
>Those huge sites are more interested in their pop-up ad revenue. They are seldom interested in helping people on a personal career basis.
>Those sites don't want, and can't afford to develop a personal relationship with you. This limits the sophistication of your resumé in many ways. BUT, WE ENCOURAGE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU!

Public Resumés and Examples:
» The Resumé of Cole Danwell, Manager and Photographer
We encourage you to use our Secure Contact Form to Contact CrossWind with your questions and comments Regarding the Excellent Services we offer
Or you can contact us by e-mail: to contact us for information about our Resumé services and prices.

FREE JOB CAPTURE TIP: Some corporations use electronic or optical character recognition software geared to 'read' all the words they think are 'key skills'.
If your resume doesn't have these exact crucial words, you won't even be considered for the job!
We can help ensure the vital key words are in your resume.

NOTE: while we strive for and achieve wide compatibility, due to the unpredictable variability of computers, variation of visual formatting and color may occur. We will put the info you provide on the resume. But, remember, you are responsible for checking it to ensure accuracy (we will correct any typos we make at no additional charge to you, our client). The information contained in the Resumés, Portfolios, and Curricula Vitae on this site is the exclusive responsibility of the person whose name appears thereon. CrossWind Communication Arts, llc accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any statement in any resume found on this site.
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  Who's Reading Your Resume?
"People who post their resumes on, the world's largest job-seeking site, "face considerable threats to their privacy," according to a watchdog group.

In a 24-page report, The Privacy Foundation on Wednesday accused Monster of discussing the sale of users' private data to marketers, failing to completely remove resumes after job-seekers deleted them, and sending user information to America Online to satisfy the terms of a business agreement.

The group also said that resumes submitted to corporations that use Monster's technology are "routinely sent to without disclosure to job seekers." ..." -wired-
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