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While these are complex and somewhat technical, they are important. I suggest you read through them all the way, carefully, twice, so you gain as much understanding of them as possible. Print this page if it will help. If you really aren't comfortable with all this, don't attempt it. If you have a specific question send it to us at, we will do our best to help. - also, always back up your data!

After getting a computer with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 installed, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE it is IMPORTANT that you do the following:
>>Required materials:
-- A DVD writer drive (internal to the computer or an external USB connected DVD writer) Note: if your computer doesn't have a DVD writer optical drive, if yuo purchase an external USB DVD writer drive from a reputable parts store, it can also be used to record and play DVDs and CDs. typical cost $30-$50*]
-- 1 or 2 blank DVDs
-- 1 external 1-2TerraByte (1TB)USB external harddrive you can use it for data backup, too - They cost ~$60-$75*)
-- 1 USB flash drive of 32GB capacity (this is instead of the 2nd blank DVD)

>>Required procedures:
(procedures 1-3 are detailed in the 'help' search box in the 'control panel' screen of windows)
1. Set a 'restore point'
2. Create a recovery disk on a blank DVD
3. Create a system image on the 1TB external drive.
4. Take a photo (or a scan to file) of the Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) label on the PC case or at least write down the windows Product Key from the COA
5. If you can, get or create a manufacturer's Operating System disk
6. Use programs like 'double driver 4.1.0 portable' and PCI'-Z' to identify the hardware devices in your computer and copy those driver files to the 1TB drive or blank DVD or USB flash drive to help you restore your pc.(Wifi adapter, video driver, audio driver, are examples of some of the devices) Those programs are free through
7. Label all the disks, keep the recovery DVD, System Image external drive, Driver Disk/flashdrive and COA/product key info in a safe place.
» Complete the above and you will have the means of recreating your windows operating system if it is made unusable and can't be repaired.
*We strongly recommend you do not buy inferior hardware from amazon. Buy brand name components they are a better value
» Another important tip: use the 'start' button, go into windows 'control panel' and 'settings' and disable 'remote access', and uncheck any reporting windows does to 'enhance your windows experience'. This will help to prevent some attempts at hijacking and spying.

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