-- OBLIGATORY INTRODUCTION to Computer Basics --
Table Saws and Computers

What do Table Saws and Computers (including tablets and phones) have in common?
Answer: The astute know, they are all just tools.
And to use them effectively and safely you must learn how to operate them responsibly. If you don't bother to read the manual and heed all the safety instructions for a table saw, you can easily end up in the emergency room trying to get fingers re-attached.
Computers (including tablets and phones) are really no different. If you don't take the time to learn how to use them safely, you can lose your privacy, have your identity stolen and maybe even lose your life's savings through compromise of your passwords and other personal info.

That is what the Security Presentaion pages on this site are all about.

We avoid these, we think you should too:
there are abusive entities that we avoid
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